Monday, March 5, 2012

Progress – Week Ten

I’m beginning to notice more changes in myself. While I still feel 29 pounds heavier than what I actually am, I know that’s not true anymore. I’ve stalled again with the weight loss. It’s getting tough, but I am almost half way there!

I never posted these pictures of Caleb and me last October. Frankly, I was so ashamed at how out of control my weight had gotten. Now that I am making progress and have no intentions of going back there, I’ll show you the differences….

Pumpkin 056

I’ll be honest, I have never felt so unhealthy in all my life!

Honestly, I don’t know what my husband was actually thinking! He took pictures….Ugh!

Pumpkin 049

And these are from Caleb’s 2nd birthday….

Birthday 161


Birthday 163

This picture was taken just a few days ago…

March 010

I have so much more energy to actually play with my son. I need all the energy and endurance I can get with that kid!

I still can’t believe the difference…It’s shocking to look back on pictures and compare.

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