Friday, April 20, 2012

Progress - Week Sixteen

Okay, so I totally missed last week. Like, completely and utterly forgot the little old blog! We've been so super busy around the house that I haven't had much time to stop until now. Forgive me, right?!?

Since I've totally slacked on y'all that keep coming back for this I had better have some progress, right? 

That's what I thought!

As of this morning, I have lost 32 pounds!!!! That means.....

I totally passed my half way mark!!!!

So stinkin' excited!!!

I'm on the downhill side of this monster and I have a renewed motivation now! 

Since I'm starting to feel a million times better and have a lot more energy, I have kicked around the idea of training for my very first 5K. Once upon a time, I ran track in high school and loved it. I know that I enjoy running, but not when I was so much heavier. Now that things are much more manageable, I'm going to start again. At work, several of us have started planning on doing our very first mud run as a team. Basically, it's a 5K run combined with an obstacle course. Sorta like military training, if you will. To me, that sounds like a load of fun!

So, don't think I've given up just yet!

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