Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How I'm Losing Weight

I'm still losing the weight, but I haven't done a recent update of what exactly I'm doing.

Several of my friends on Facebook have been curious about how I actually lose weight. So let's get it all out here...

I drink a ton of water! Just during the day, I aim for 64 ounces of water. I fill up my 32 ounce cup twice a day and work on it throughout. For me, it's easier to have it sitting in front of me all day so I can remember to keep drinking. I drink water or unsweet tea with my meals.

I aim for about 1200-1400 calories every day. I am eating mostly unprocessed foods. I try to stay away from pasta (my weakness). I eat Greek yogurt and fruit for breakfast. I eat a lot of salad. I don't do the whole low-fat or fat free salad dressings. I stick with the regular ones, but I don't load up on it. I normally eat whatever I fix for Ryan and Caleb, but I fix a smaller plate.

I've also cut out the majority of my sugar intake. I hardly drink Cokes anymore. I've also discovered the diet versions slow my weight loss down drastically, so I have cut those out as well. I think there's something about the carbonation that really throws my body for a loop.

I am super sensitive to anything I eat or drink so I have to be consistent every day. I can drink one small glass of wine with dinner and the next day, I swear to you, I am three to four pounds heavier. That can be the only change to my diet and it throws me off that much. It takes a couple of days to remove that extra weight too. So drinking is not an option for me....at all. It's simply not worth it to me.

I haven't given up my coffee habit. To be honest with you, I probably won't attempt that one any time soon. Y'all simply wouldn't like me without it!

I aim to eat one salad per day. Over the past year and a half I have grown to love and even crave a big salad. I have so much more energy when I eat better. If I eat a salad for lunch, I have no problem staying alert during the afternoon. If I happen to eat something greasy or filled with carbs, I get so sluggish.

I didn't start doing all of this all at once. I started with one healthy change at a time until I got used to it. Then I would incorporate something else. I think if I had tried all of this at once, I would not have stuck with it or been very successful.

My eating habits have made me much more aware of how uniquely my body works. I am in tune with what works well for me and what doesn't. It does take time to learn this and it's not something you will discover overnight. What works for me doesn't necessarily work well for anyone else. It's all about trial and error.

When the better energy levels, I am beginning to be more active. I can do more now with the many extra pounds gone. The better I feel, the more I feel like moving. It takes time, but it comes with the weight loss.

The biggest factor in my success is the great people who have supported me and cheered me on. I feel like I am held accountable now that I have shared my progress with friends, family, and blog readers. So many of you have pulled for me! I'm still in awe of that.

Have Mercy! 
I am so thrilled that I don't look like that anymore!

I have really come a long way, but it has been worth every single struggle. 
You have to stay consistent and patient. 
There were times it would take me a month to lose one, single pound. 
It's so very easy to just give up at times. I did it plenty in the past. 

Try setting mini-goals for yourself to stay on track. Every little bit counts and is worth celebrating. 
Yesterday when I hit my fifty pound mark, I rewarded myself with a couple of new tank tops for the upcoming warmer weather. 
When I hit my big goal, Ryan and I have planned a special vacation just to celebrate. I am getting so close now that it's enough to get me really excited and anxious for it! 

In 10.5 pounds, I can finally say I reached my original goal! 

If you're here because you are trying to lose weight, I know exactly how you feel. I struggled for years and then I got so sick of it. I was fed up with feeling ten years older than I was. I wanted to be able to run and play with my son. I wanted to be a better wife for my sweet husband. I was cheating myself and my family out of enjoying life. When my health problems caused me to sit on the sidelines of my life, I knew things had to change. It hasn't been easy. I despised giving up sweets and carbs. I hated water with a passion. Weight never just fell off of me. I had to work hard for every single pound lost. If I could turn things around, I have no doubt that you can too. If you are frustrated with it all or feeling like you simply cannot pull it off, please get in touch with me. I want the chance to help and encourage anyone who is trying to do this. 

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  1. Saying "congratulations" on your weight loss achievements just doesn't seem adequate. You have truly done something amazing. I wish I could "favorite" this post somehow because as soon as I get this baby out of me, I will be right back here writing down every tip you give! Keep up the incredible job!!!

  2. Thank you, Ashley! You can pin it on Pinterest, if you wanna. :)

    Losing weight after having a baby is really tough, but completely do-able. I read articles about how if you hadn't lost the baby weight a year or so after having your baby, chances are you never would. So here I was 2 years postpartum wondering if it was hopeless. I guarantee you that you absolutely can do it any time. Remember after you have your sweet baby that you must take care of yourself. I put everything I had into my baby, but I failed to realize that by not taking care of myself I was cheating him. I was sitting on the sidelines of his life as he got older. I couldn't run and play with him. That's when I knew things had to change. :) I am so thrilled that I can do things with him now and I wish I had tried harder sooner.



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