Thursday, April 4, 2013


If you know us in real life, y'all know my husband is quite fond of a certain part of me.

 The one part of my body that drives me crazy and he loves it. Go figure, right?!? 

Over the years, Ryan has snuck in those shots. 

When I'd look through my camera, I would literally cringe at the sight. 

They're few and far between because they literally are that bad....

 photo Pumpkin067.jpg

I've been chubby for years, friends! I've got plenty of before pictures. 
Looks like I hardly wore jeans before, right?!? 
I had one pair of "fat pants" and I literally wore them out. 
They were 16's and I refused to buy that size. 
I swear to you one of my friends bought them for me. 

These butt shots are from Easter weekend! 
I'm not one to go parading my booty around, but when it's this drastic I've gotta get a little excited. 

So you've learned three things today, friends:

  1. My husband really likes my behind.
  2. My butt has really shrunk! 
  3. And I will not shy away from much of anything. It's all about the honesty. 
So, there ya go....



  1. You have done a great job. I guess now you can let your husband take pictures and feel good about them. Yeah!! I am visiting from TGIF Blog hop. I followed you on GFC.

  2. Well done on the loss. Happy for you :) Visiting from TGIF hop and happy to follow.


  3. Thank you, Betty! It's been a long journey, but it's finally starting to payoff. I followed you back too!

  4. You're bum looks great!

  5. Haha my guys the same way:) You booty looks great by the way!

  6. You look great. Enjoy that your husband enjoys you.

  7. I think having my husband actually look at me like that is amazing. I am blessed!

  8. Thank you! Don't you just love that about them??? Ha ha!

  9. Thanks, Jes! Never thought I'd have someone here tell me that! :)



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