Thursday, April 25, 2013

It Works Body Wraps - 2nd Wrap Results

I applied my second It Works Body Wrap on Sunday evening. I wore it for exactly two hours. 
I measured before, drank 16 ounces of water during, and then measured after....


No drastic inch loss like the first time. 

Yep. I thought here's the "catch"....I've finally found it. 
For two days I wondered how these before and after pictures were being posted on the Cali Girls Facebook page were legitimate. Surely these people were Photoshopping or not showing actual results at 72 hours. How are we supposed to know they're not taking before pictures, working out like crazy, and taking after pictures a month later to promote this product? 

Yes, that all went through my mind. 
I was still detoxing and thought maybe I would just have to enjoy that part of the products because I sure as heck wasn't losing inches like I was told I would. 

So maybe I was a little disappointed and felt scammed. 

At the 72 hour mark I told my husband to just measure me and take the pictures. 
I didn't expect a change at all. 
I was kinda pissy....

And then I quickly got over it!

At my belly button I lost an additional inch! 
Two inches above my belly button, I lost an additional 2 whole inches!
Two inches below my belly button (where the dreaded pooch happens to be), I lost an additional 2 inches!

And the stretch marks on my sides are fading...
Heck yeah!!!

Now I kinda feel bad about doubting my sweet friend, Sheri, and the whole It Works company. 
Yeah, I was all prepared to yell "SCAM" and I was totally wrong. 

These are pictures right before and 72 hours after I did the second It Works Body Wrap...

 In my entire adult life my waist has never been this small. Six years ago, I lost a lot of weight. I was working out in the gym every single chance I got and I was developing definition in my abs. It took hours of work to get my waist that small. I hate to admit this, but I don't workout much these days and I am smaller in my waist than I have EVER been! My diet and It Works Body Wraps are the only reason for this. The only reason.

So here are the comparison shots of before I did any wraps until 72 hours after the second wrap. Again, these pictures have not been altered in any possible way.

This is only a two week period. 

I have lost a total of 11 inches in my midsection!!!!

In just my "pooch" alone, I have lost four whole inches. 

Are you ready to trust me on this one? 


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