Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Trim Time Tuesday #1

This blog has been such an important part of my weight loss journey. I have found so many people cheering me on and supporting me. When I struggle, this blog is what reminds me I have to keep it going. Y'all have left some of the sweetest comments along the way. I have met some amazing people by sharing my weight loss story here and I thought it would be inspiring to see some of their successes as well.

So, why don't we kick off the very first Trim Time Tuesday with a truly amazing lady? Meet Cole, blogger at www.ibeatobesityblog.blogspot.com:


What a privilege to be invited to post here. Thank you so much, Wendy!
I was invited here to blog for ya'll after Wendy saw a picture I posted in a fitness focused Facebook group we both happen to be involved in. The post looked something like this:
***Alright, so look, I haven't posted a half naked "after" picture because I realize that a lot of people have this idea of what their body will look like after losing a significant amount of weight. Most of them won't be able to fathom what the effects of major weight loss will be and I don't want to scare them off their journey with a reality check. But with all this talk from you all about not loving yourselves because of a stretch mark or a skin flap or whatever- I KNEW I had to show you what I'm workin with now. Obviously, even my now picture on the left is not an ideal body type for many of you, and that is totally cool because this is MY body, not yours. It is lean and strong and am I bothered by the skin? No! Because it is a lot better than where I started on the right, so embarrassed in my first photos that I cropped out my head!! The skin, while a bit of a challenge when buying jeans, claps for me when I do naked jumping jacks! LOL cheering me on! The fat was killing me...the skin? It's a BEAUTIFUL reminder of how far I have come. Some high top control panties, and the rest of the world will never know. Be proud of your battle scars, Ladies! Self love=self respect!!***
I got such an amazing response. I was looking to inspire and was encouraged myself ten fold. It's been my mission for the past year or so to get the word out. I BEAT OBESITY and you can too. By making a conscience effort every day to be something more than I was the day before. If you would like to read more about my journey to the other side of the scale, you can read about it atwww.seecevolve.blogspot.com.
I know that so many of us get stuck believing that "hard" is actually "impossible." Telling ourselves, "Well, I tried, but it's just too hard. I can't do it." This is the ultimate defeatist attitude and it is a side effect of obesity, the anti motivation. Many of us have so much pride that we have managed to convince ourselves that if we can't do a thing perfectly and with grace, then we just had better not attempt it at all. We are afraid of failure…afraid of the journey…afraid of the work…afraid that we will get in over our heads. So self conscious that we our frozen by our own standards of being failures at greatness. So much so that we would just rather accept ourselves as what we are, dying every minute and barely living in the moments we have available.
I didn't want to live that way anymore. After reaching my breaking point at more than 320#, I realized I would RATHER BE DEAD than live another year in my own prison. So I began tearing down the walls, brick by brick, pound by pound. And 3 years later, I stand before you a new person. A changed woman. And I am unstoppable. Because I beat obesity. And you can too. Come follow me in my new journey to becoming Habitually Healthy and I'll teach you everything I know. www.ibeatobesityblog.blogspot.com

Isn't she just amazing??? 

If you have a weight loss story you would like to feature, please contact me at dailydoseofdelsignore@gmail.com!

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