Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Clean Eating Guidelines

Until I started researching what clean eating was and how many different versions of it you can do, I never imagined it could be so confusing! Over the past few weeks, you guys have asked some great questions about it. Many of you are curious about how to do it and how to apply the guidelines to your weekly meals. 

Maybe it's easier to show you more of our weekly meals and how I put everything together? 

I'm the first to admit that I'm not one of the extreme clean eaters out there. 
I think my clean eating philosophy is more relaxed. I believe in taking the preservatives and unnatural ingredients out of our every day meals while still enjoying the foods we love. You can clean up just about any recipe without sacrificing anything. You can still have your dessert without putting junk into your body.

 I still focus on moderation, but I enjoy life too much to eat unflavored chicken breasts, plain lettuce and brown rice every meal for the rest of my life! 
(Um, if you happen to like doing that I meant no offense. More power to you!

I know y'all have lots of questions, so go ahead and throw them out there. I will try to address them in future posts while we figure this clean eating thing out a little more. Do you want more clean recipes or weekly meal plans? 


  1. I'm working on trying to clean up my eating as well, so I'd love to see more recipes and meal plans!

  2. I appreciate anything you post on here, but more recipes and meal plans would be great. Have learned so much from your blog and always look forward to seeing each new post. Thanks for all you do! :)

  3. I feel so much better eating clean - even when I'm not 100% perfect at it (plain chicken and lettuce and rice depresses me).

    This is a great way to summarize it!

  4. I'm trying to get into clean eating, but didn't know where to begin! thank you thank you! Please more!!!

  5. We're slowly transitioning to clean eating (family of 6 and NO ALDI'S!!) I would love meal plans with shopping lists :D

  6. We're slowly transitioning to eating cleaner. I am finding that it can be more expensive if I'm not careful with my shopping, my biggest problem is my HUGE sweet tooth and addiction to chocolate! Finding clean sweet recipes that hit the spot are hard. Oh, and to answer the question, more meal plans with shopping lists would be AWESOME! :)



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