Monday, July 22, 2013

Motivation Monday #11

Good Monday morning! 

I honestly look forward to Monday mornings so much more now that we have a link up. 
We've gotta brighten this day somehow, right?

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I'm featuring Sarah at Mama's Got It Together

 photo muah.png

She laid out her fitness goals and I think that's a fabulous idea!
I think we're much more successful when we actually list our goals. 
It gives us something to work towards. 

Sarah's Fitness Goals:
-workout daily except wed, sun
-walk with hubby 3x
-drink more water
make a checklist to hang on the fridge
-no fast food
-no alcohol
will have a cheat meal on date night, but watch portions

Hop over to her blog to offer her some encouragement! 

When I was the girl in the picture on the left, I was absolutely guilty of comparing every single flaw I had to other women's "perfect" lives. It's so easy to get wrapped up in other blogs. All of these beautiful ladies with blogs totally had their acts together online. Not only were they gorgeous, but they had flawless bodies that I was so envious of. And that magnified my flaws even more. It's not a healthy place to find yourself in because you can get so discouraged before you ever start bettering yourself. 

It was tough seeing some of these weight loss bloggers devoting so much time, energy and money into going to the gym and eating just perfect. I was trapped in the mindset that if it took all of that to be as perfect as those ladies, then I would never be able to achieve my weight loss goals. 

When I forced my mind to focus on me and find out what I could do to make myself healthier, I set myself free. I could decide what worked and what did not work for my lifestyle, my family and for my own body. Every day I am driven by who I was. I never want to be that person again and that's where I find my greatest motivation. 

By comparing my progress and not getting sucked into focusing on who's doing whatever better, I found true happiness and contentment in my own body. I'm also able to cheer these other amazing women on because I am not wasting my time being envious of their accomplishments. Turns out some of those women have become a part of my fabulous support system and a few of them are pretty great friends! 

I cannot wait to read what everyone has this week! 
Link it up!!!!


  1. Cheers to this post! Yes, one should only compare herself to HERSELF. I used to do exactly what you posted. I'd be upset with myself for not matching up to other ladies and their journeys. The truth is that we are all different and what works for one may not work for another. We have to value what we can do for ourselves. Great post.

  2. Great advice. I have also been guilty of comparing to others. I need to make sure to work harder on this one!

  3. I'm glad your blog and this link up! I, too, would get so discouraged comparing myself and my journey to others. Every time I do though, I get a "before" picture and set it up next to a "current" picture to be reminded of how far I've come! It instantly encourages me and lets me know that all the hard work that I've put in...isn't forgotten. Thanks so much for this! Subscribing and linked up!

  4. AMEN!!!!!! I hear you loud and clear! :) I have REALLY wanted to go to Zumba. I never have. I've always been intimidated that every girl will be super fit and laugh at my jiggly body! I've been working out really well for 7 weeks now and I am finally going to a Zumba class tomorrow night! :)

  5. I am slacking! And I def try not to compare myself to my "skinnier" me! Great post this week!

  6. I love this post-I have found myself thinking lately "oh, she's eats right, works out, does it all-what's my deal??" I need to focus on my own path-not someone else's!

    This link up is the best! It reminds me of so many things I need to stay on track :) thank you!

  7. Thanks for hosting! I am glad to hear that you are just being yourself. Yourself looks absolutely fantastic!!!

  8. This is such great advice, to be honest I often struggle with comparing myself to people (especially weight loss bloggers) and feeling completely useless!!
    I am working on focusing more and more on myself and taking things one day at a time, its great to hear that weight loss bloggers I look up to like you have also struggled with this problem.
    Have a great week.
    Love this link up!
    Love Gi



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